“The first and last that is required of the genius, is the love of truth.” Goethe


The natural harmony of a human being and nature are the greatest good. It is the commitment of all cultural programs of the GERMAN CULTURAL FOUNDATION to respect them, bring payday loans las vegas them into our awareness and strengthen them. As the contemporary German organ of the heirs of the great cultures of the world, and with the innermost interest of their ancestors and descendants, the GERMAN CULTURAL FOUNDATION will work for the immediate and exclusive realisation of natural dignity, harmony in every individual and in nature. From the compelling insight into the cultural disharmony of our times, and from the knowledge of concrete possibilities for a fundamental strengthening of natural cultural vitality by exploring natural laws of harmony, and from the resulting awareness of its natural responsibility the GERMAN CULTURAL FOUNDATION will tirelessly and selflessly initiate all its strength, as well as that of its upholders, and of all people with goodwill, as well as the technical facilities of our times for the purpose of realising the following objectives: to strengthen harmony of the individual with himself, with the community of his fellow men, and with nature to support governments in their efforts for individual, social and ecological harmony to strengthen the harmonising forces in people’s education and upbringing to elevate the present cultural matters to the level of the laws of harmony to strengthen the natural payday loans wichita ks laws of harmony of life in the individual, and therewith support his health to support a non-party, non-denominational and non-institutional studies and development of peace - solely committed to the natural harmony of man and nature. The GERMAN CULTURAL FOUNDATION aims at activating the mechanisms of universal dignity, natural harmony and health. The GERMAN CULTURAL FOUNDATION aims at the individual and social development of natural cultural vitality. The GERMAN CULTURAL FOUNDATION aims at strengthening the natural cultural integrity of all human beings and peoples.

“The man who has no music in himself nor is not moved with the concord of sweet sounds is fit for treason, stratagems and spoils: The motions of his spirit are dull as night and his affections dark as Erebus. Let no such man be trusted.” Shakespeare
THE HISTORICAL BACKGROUND OF THE GERMAN CULTURAL FOUNDATION Based on the experience that even great ideologies and forms of organisations, which are materially richly equipped are transient – if they do not observe and support the principles of natural harmony, and also based on the practical knowledge of the concrete consequences of the loss of such simple knowledge, particularly among the leading public figures, as well as online payday loans Ohio people, free citizens of the world have established a constitution with the aim of harmony in the whole world, whose non-material declaration of belief in natural harmony of the individual within himself, with his fellow men and with nature is brought to bear as opposed to disharmony and inhuman destructive practice, Despite popular misconceptions, there are many things that liposuction will not do for your body. Learn more about its limitations Chin Liposuction and cost of Liposuction whereby they base their support on that cultural genius of the great classical composers, which until this day for many centuries has acquired undivided appreciation everywhere in the world – indeed whose creations have become the quintessence of respected culture beyond all religious, ideological and linguistic barriers.


The foundation carries the name GERMAN CULTURAL FOUNDATION. The GERMAN CULTURAL FOUNDATION shall establish its headquarters in the harmony laws of the microcosm of music – in nature’s laws of harmony.